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About Us
Early Vision Online will revolutionise your role play! 

It's a virtual learning environment for early years and primary settings to inform and inspire your children's understanding of the real world, packed full of award winning resources and the latest web technology that you can access 24/7.

With thousands of downloadables, hours of real life video footage and thousands of real life photographs, children will be able to watch, see and hear exactly what goes on at a real-life example of their role play area.

Who are we?
Early Vision is the brain child of Sue Marshall (B.A.Ed [Hons], Mont Dip., EYPS).  A former OFSTED inspector and NVQ assessor, Sue is a passionate early years expert.  In 1987 she opened a nursery school in her family home (NDNA Nursery School of the Year for Central England in 2011,  'Outstanding' rated by OFSTED, and Early Vision is based at the nursery school, giving it a unique view of the market - meaning we only make resources practitioners REALLY want and need!

Why Role-Play?
We truly believe in the power of play to unlock your children's learning potential.  It's a fantastic way to increase children's social, literacy and numeracy skills in an engaging way.   However, we realise that often children lack the real-world experiences that are needed to underpin their imaginative play.  That's where we come in...

How can Early Vision Online help?
Through the wealth of award-winning video visits,  Early Vision Online will enable you to immerse children in each scenario.

  • Fly on the Wall: real people, performing their real occupations, using their own language and own actions.  We provide  limited narration to allow the practitioner to lead at an appropriate pace and level.
  • Child Initiated Learning: practitioners can pursue children's interests, whilst informing the rest of the group e.g. using the Vets 'video visit' in response to a child who's pet has been injured . Wonderful support for life experience, and particularly good for those with Special Educational Needs.
  • Combined Approach: the resources help practitioners put role play at the heart of the class, providing practical, linked cross-curricular activities, enhancing the children's knowledge and understanding of the world around them.

Early Vision has been making and producing award winning educational resources since 2005, please take a look at for more information.

"Never have ideas about children - and never have ideas for them."
- DH Lawrence